Four Electronic Cigarette Brands That Stood Out in 2013

By now you are initiated about the top electronic cigarettes in the market today. It is not surprising as more and more smokers are shifting from regular variety to the electronic kind. If you want to know which brands made our grade this year here are some of our takes. Green Smoke Green Smoke is perhaps one of the highly efficient smokes that you can buy on the market today. It has been consistently ranked high on the list of most electronic cigarette reviews over the Internet.

The retention rate of Green Smoke is one of the highest in the industry. It comes no surprise because of the high nicotine satisfaction and it has the longest draw in the business. This is very good considering that other brands tend to scrimp on the draw. Nicotine satisfaction is crucial to any electronic cigarette product. The throat kick remains one of the best if not the best in the industry.

Each purchase of Green Smoke will surely bring a happy smile to the face of a vaper. Ever Smoke Ever Smoke is one of the leading contenders for the most favorite vape spot. It comes no surprise because in terms of quality and satisfaction, Ever Smoke delivers the goods. The flavor retention is bar none. It can retain the flavor and also features a mean throat kick that vapers will surely love. For its price range, the flavor drop is almost nonexistent.

Ever Smoke can deliver 175 pulls before the flavor will considerably go down. It has the balance and the ability to steal the thunder from bigger players in the industry. And that’s not all you will be pleased that you will not be using the money-back guarantee on this product, for sure. Halo Triton Halo Triton is not one of your average e-cigs. It is one of the top brands in the market today. Let’s start with the packaging. It has the best packaging that will surely make you excited to do some vaping.

It is like how a chef uses your eyes to tickle your tongue. The packaging is so sexy that it needs no propping up to do some vaping. The Triton tanks perform splendidly and you will be surprised on how easy to refill it. It seems that Triton did its homework and made an effort to make the tanks easy to fill. There are a lot of s0-so brand in the wild but you can thank your lucky stars that there is Halo. This product will surely put a nice smile on your face.

White Cloud White Cloud is perhaps the e-cig brand with the most insane batteries and can get away with only 5.4 percent nicotine and kick a nice kick. White Cloud is the brand that you are supposed to try after getting frustrated with other products in the market. If you haven’t tried electronic cigarettes before perhaps White Cloud is the de facto ambassador for the industry. Everyone should try the Cirrus 3X just to experience how is it like to vape and vape in style.

However, it is easy to fall prey to bad brands in the market which ulterior motive is to get your hard-earned cash. Don’t get fooled. That is why it is best to do your research. The Internet is teeming with information that can give you insights on the best brands on the market today. Some of the reviews are tested by actual vapers and gave their two-cents worth on the quality and efficacy of the brands that are available whether online or in brick and mortar stores.