Cheating Your Way To Get Some Exercise

The word exercise can cause some dread to some people. It is a necessary evil. Who would not want to spend all day in the couch and do absolutely nothing? But the body is not designed for a sedentary lifestyle. It is designed to move and move more often lest we become sick. But did you know that you can get some exercise in ways that you don’t need to exert a lot of effort? There have been studies showing that small pockets of exercise when they get added up can amount to a full-time workout. This way you can cheat your way towards fitness and even help your body to become healthier. Here are some tips that you can use to cheat your way towards fitness.

Leg raises

When you’re in bed say when you wake in the morning or just watching TV on a lazy Saturday afternoon you still can get some exercise. The raising both of your legs and lower it towards your chest is a great stretching exercise that can burn some calories. It can also help straighten your spine and can give you better posture. Make it fun by putting some weights on your ankles and start this routine and speed up the repetitions. Roll over when you’re done and do the same knee flexing exercise on your sides. This will also help to a certain degree your abdominals and your love handles.

Shoulder raise

Now, as you read this, try to press your backside on to the chair and sit up straight as you can. Then, raise your chest muscles by lifting your upper arms with your shoulder as you inhale and lower your upper arms when you exhale. While doing this, try to clench your toes or to rotate your feet via the ankles. This will help you get better blood circulation while you’re at rest. Try to breathe deep and allow yourself to get relaxed as you surf the Internet for some funny jokes and comedy.

Desk push-ups

When you’re working at your station it is best to get up every 45 minutes to freshen up. This would lower the impact of stress and keeps you more relaxed and focus for work. While you’re at it, try to do some low-impact desk push-ups to help release the tension on your back shoulder muscles. The base of the back of the neck often gets stiff when a person sits too long facing the computer. You can always do some next exercises such as nodding and to rotate the neck clockwise first then counter-clock wise. You can flex the neck on one side first then after eight counts try to do it on the opposite side.

Walk around

Ditch the IM or the email and try to visit the people with your work with if you can. Good old sneaker communications is better than any kind of communication platform there is. It is environmentally-friendly and can give you some exercise. If you can try to ditch the heels and change to flats so that you will be comfortable walking around the work area. The additional steps that you make will be a great addition to the minimum 10,000 steps that are person should be doing in order to have an active lifestyle.

And there you have it. You can cheat your way to great health with these discreet yet moderately effective exercises. Of course, full workouts are the best. But if you want to add on to the exercise regimen for more calorie burning action—why not get some exercise while watching TV or doing work. It is fun and enjoyable that way.