More Smokers Turn to E-Cigs to Help Them Quit Smoking

George has been smoking for 21 years and there has been no let up. He has not felt any different, but it does not mean that smoking is not slowly destroying his body. In a recent survey of Mumbai, India residents, about half of the respondents think that smoking is not bad for the body. And that is pretty depressing and alarming at the same time. People like George needs to get educated quickly.

But, there are people like Patty who chose to switch to the new devices that proves to be the secret for better life and health. They go by the name of electronic cigarettes. The switch Patty, thinks, will be better for her health in the long run. Patty loves to use the new devices because they are similar to cigarettes but don’t carry the same amount of toxins.

In a recent survey in Britain, there are more vapers today than two years ago. This means that there are more smokers switching to vapes as a way to help them with their smoking. It is not clear if the move is meant to help smokers to quit smoking. However, there is an indication that the smoking rates are falling in places where vaping has been rampant. This could mean one thing, vapes do not undermine tobacco control as perceived by the critics.

Smokers have been swearing that the electronic cigarettes have been helping them to quit. This remark is despite the lack of solid proof that vapes are able to help smokers quit. However, we can find solace that the majority of data that is being presented today are in favor of electronic cigarettes. The latest data are showing that smokers are 60 percent likely to quit smoking when using electronic cigarettes than any other therapy including nicotine patches and gums. Electronic cigarettes are better than going cold turkey.

Why is it so? The features of electronic cigarettes make it easy for people to quit smoking. Electronic cigarettes address the therapeutic needs of smokers who want to quit. Smokers need to get some nicotine while they are trying to quit. That is the reason why some smokers have been using NRT. However, NRT has not been the savior that tobacco eliminationists have been hoping for. In a recent study, NRT has been found to be effective in helping smokers to quit smoking. NRT are, however, pretty ineffective against preventing smokers from relapsing. This could be one of the reasons why only 20 percent of smokers that try to quit are able to do so.

Another reason why electronic cigarettes are effective is the fact that it is the only tool that is able to address the behavioral needs of smokers. They help retain the familiar experience of smoking, which is very important in smoking cessation. Smokers need to have something in between the lips and in between the fingers. That is why most smokers truly understand the value of having faux cigarettes to help them forget smoking.

The problem is that there have been a lot of issues raised against electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes have been accused of enticing young people and non-smokers to get addicted to nicotine. This idea was concocted because there is a considerable increase of electronic cigarette usage among young people. There is also another study that people that have used vapes are six times likely to use tobacco products later on. However, there is not much studies on this field to create an iron-clad proof that indeed electronic cigarettes are doing such things.