Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes have become popular because of one thing. It has become the go-to device for smokers that are thinking about quitting their tobacco addiction. It has been said that almost 8 out of 10 smokers are thinking about quitting. But, only 20 percent are actually able to do so. And the problem gets compounded with the fact that the methods and therapies that are available and have been approved proved to be useless.

Pardon the words, the therapies and methods to quit smoking that are available may work for some. But, it has not demonstrated the ability to really make a difference. Just look at the decades of tobacco control and how much change has occurred in terms of the smoking rate. This will tell you that puritan tobacco control has been a failure and there should be a drastic effort to bring down smoking rates significantly. And one way to do it is through the use of electronic cigarettes.

However, the use of electronic cigarettes have been met with strong opposition. The kind of opposition that tobacco eliminationists are known for and has been using against tobacco. The sad thing is that they are ganging up on something that can become their ally against their fight with tobacco. Electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco but some people treat them as they have some in them.

So are electronic cigarettes really harmless. The answer is we don’t know. At the onset, there has never been a claim that electronic cigarettes are 100 percent harmless. The idea behind the vapes is harm reduction not harm elimination. There is a stark difference between the two. Electronic cigarettes come in with reduced harm when compared to tobacco. The idea is to give the smokers nicotine in a form that is familiar to them without having to get the nicotine from traditional sources such as tobacco.

Nothing has been claimed that electronic cigarettes are harmless. It may be the perception of some users but it has never been part of the claims ever since. It would be preposterous for vape makers to make such a claim given the fact that there is no solid evidence to support it. The fact that the vapes also contain nicotine, then there should be an amount of risk involved. But, we have to put things in a scale. Compared to tobacco, electronic cigarettes are safer and healthier. And we have to agree that there is nothing that is more dangerous than burning tobacco.

Vapers should be educated on the possible risks. At the same time, vaping opposition should refrain from making stupid statements that has no basis in reality. Yes, the vapor that comes out from the electronic cigarettes may have some chemicals. Even the air that we breathe has chemicals too. Perhaps the air we breathe is more deadly than the vapor that comes out from a vape but then again we are not so sure about that.

Some say that the vapor has traces of nicotine, of course the vapor does have nicotine because it is by design. The design of vape juice is to deliver the nicotine to the lungs the same way as smoking a conventional tobacco.

The studies are preliminary and if you know science the proof should be overwhelming and beyond any doubt. Yes, there are chemicals but we have to take into consideration the scale. Are the chemicals in vapes the same amount and strength that you can find in burning tobacco? The answer will be always no. The amount of chemicals are significantly lower because it is by design.