Are you tired of being called a tubby? It is time to get back at the mean people that bully you around. Turn to your body for help by making it a fat-burning machine and melt body fat faster than usual. Medical experts say that burning fat especially in the midsection can be the best thing that could happen to the health. It eliminates problems such as fatty liver disease that can increase the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even hypertension. If you smoke, then you have no recourse than to burn fat as well. Smoking increases the cholesterol levels and also causes diabetes according to a new report made by the Surgeon General. It is payback time and here are some of the best exercises that can make you burn fat faster than you can say Mississippi.

Resistance training

Resistance training is all about using weights to turbo-charge your metabolism. If you can go to a gym to get the services of a trainer that can help you with your resistance training. Improve the strength of your lower part to support the burgeoning upper part of the body. This means that you are able to move better because the lower part is able to support the weight of the belly that is often the biggest part that stores fat. Then again do not forget about your upper body strength as well. Dumbbell curls are great to tone the arm muscles and to keep it from getting saggy. This would also help your lower body as the legs will get some training too.


There is nothing that can really push the belly fat than crunches. Sit-ups are so 1980s and can cause nasty injuries to your spine, lower back and neck. Keep it real with the use of crunches to work on your ab muscles and also the sides of the torso where you can find the infamous love handles. There is nothing much to love about the love handles and surely you can eliminate it with constant crunches. Home gyms that are being sold off the TV can surely help. But there is nothing sure than to get help from an experienced trainer that can help you burn the fat especially on the belly.


Earlier in this article the need to strengthen the lower body is greatly emphasized. You can improve the strength of the legs and the hamstring with squats. Target better leg strength with squats and incorporate it with your training regimen. Squats improve the muscle tone especially for the ladies that are concerned with cellulites in the thigh and the leg area. Squats can also help improve the shape of the behind and working on losing fat in those areas of the body. The split squat should be one of the center piece of your workout but it is important that you do this under the supervision of a professional.


You need not to have bicycle to do this. You need a flat surface and able support for your back side and spine. Get into a supine position and put your hands under your head for support. Bring your knees near your chest and lift the shoulders off the floor. Do some pedaling motion as you move your knees to the chest and meet halfway by lifting your shoulders. This would improve the abs and the oblique.

Exercises can only push you at a limit. It is important that you compliment your regimen with healthy diet and a positive outlook. Belly fat can become history as long as you remain committed to the goal.